Tooth Implants in Henderson, NV

Dental appointment for tooth implants in Henderson, NV
Having a broken or damaged tooth can be one of the most painful experiences, especially when you aren’t sure what the possible solutions are. Here at AQ Denture and Dental Implant Center in Henderson, NV, we want to help you get your beautiful smile back.

If your tooth is damaged or broken, we might be able to repair it. But we can also provide a dental extraction if the tooth is beyond repair.

One of our specialties is tooth implants. We tailor the experience according to your needs. No matter what issue you may have with your teeth, we can create a solution. If you are missing any teeth, we can design implants that fit and fill in the gaps.


Tooth Implants Created On-Site

At our on-site lab, we create our bridges, crowns, and dentures right there so you won’t have to wait long for your tooth implants.

We know that implants can be difficult to get used to, so we are dedicated to making sure your implants are not only comfortable but also help you feel like your best self. That’s why we provide adjustments and repair. Even if your dentures are loose, we will rebase and realign them.

We can help fix your smile with tooth implants that look natural. If you’d like a cheaper option or aren’t quite ready to transition to implants, we can get you dentures. We’ll make sure you have high-quality dentures to help you feel comfortable so you can feel confident wearing them.

When you are a patient of AQ Dentures and Dental Implants, you can look forward to a sparkling smile. You’ll have a smile that is actually comfortable to wear and teeth that you can speak and eat with. If you are located in Henderson, NV, call and see how we can help today.