Tooth Implants in Henderson, NV

Dental appointment for tooth implants in Henderson, NV
We look forward to helping you smile brightly again.

If your tooth is broken or damaged, we may be able to preserve it by adding a crown. But if your tooth is beyond repair, we provide dental extractions. We can replace missing teeth with tooth implants or bridges.

If you are missing many teeth, we can design custom dentures. Partial dentures fill gaps in your teeth, while full dentures replace all your teeth. We swiftly create these dentures at our on-site lab, so you won’t have to wait long to receive your new dentures.

We want to make sure your dentures are comfortable, so we offer adjustments and repair. If your dentures feel loose, we can also reline and rebase them.
No matter what type of denture issue you have, don't hesitate to contact us, so that we can see if it's possible to provide you with a solution. Your comfort is our top priority. If your dentures don't feel right, our dentists will work towards providing you with the type of denture service that works best for your needs. Even a refitting can do wonders for your comfort level when wearing dentures. We look forward to working with you.