Partial Denture Service in Henderson, NV

Prosthetic Dental - Partial dentures in Henderson, NV
For anyone who's missing teeth, partial dentures are a definite possibility. Partial dentures are designed to fill gaps in your teeth, especially if you aren't a candidate for full dentures. You can request this service no matter which jaw the teeth are missing from. We offer two types of partial dentures here at AQ Denture and Dental Implant Center: fixed dentures and removable dentures. While you may have some say in which denture type you want to use, the health of your teeth also determines which type of partial denture is right for you.
When you're searching for replacement teeth, a fixed partial denture will be permanently attached to either the jaw or the gum tissue. This procedure combines artificial teeth with either a dental crown or dental implant. A removable denture will fill the gap between two healthy teeth with the usage of a plastic base that's colored to resemble gums. The replacement teeth are attached to this plastic base. These dentures are kept in place through the additional attachment of a metal framework.
Both of these partial denture types provide numerous benefits, including maintaining the shape of your face, easing the stress placed on your jaw, preventing teeth from shifting and contorting, allowing for better chewing and decreasing possible risk of periodontal disease. If you're interested in this procedure, all you have to do is give us a call, and we'll start exploring your options. Our dentist is trained and experienced, and strives to make sure the procedure is as pain-free as possible.